Lead an Impact Team: Create lasting change for your school beyond the four walls of your classroom.


The Teacher Liaison (TL)  is a classroom teacher with at least 2 years of teaching experience, who is ready to have an impact beyond their classroom. They are seeking professional development in order to lead a team of their colleagues (The Impact Team). The TL & administrator will establish the vision and SMART goals for their Impact Team. With the help of their TST Coach, the TL will work over the course of the year to address the identified need and foster a strong staff culture. The TL is a culture-focused team player with a growth mindset who is interested in learning about leadership best practices and is committed to building equity in our education system.


A team of at least 4 full-time school faculty will enact lasting change for
students and their school. Led by the TL, this team will meet twice a month to
address a need within their school. (e.g. teacher mentorship, grade-level or
department instructional alignment, climate/culture initiatives, teacher-led
professional development etc). Through utilizing the TST Project Cycle, and data-driven practices, the Impact Team will work to collectively help meet
school-wide improvement goals.

The Model

The Commitments


TST Commitments:

  • Strategic planning supports: 
    • Summer planning sessions
    • Fall Training Event
    • TST Project Cycle supporting “project sprints” 
    • Mid & end-of-year data collection and analysis
  • Biweekly 1:1 virtual coaching:
    • Guidance on completing goal-aligned projects through team planning, execution, and reflection
    • Strong progress tracking and peer-accountability  
  • Monthly Cohort-based fellowship sessions:
    • Full year curriculum focused on the fundamentals of leadership (Aligned to LeadCPS Framework)
    • Optional second year for further skill development
    • Collaboration with community of teacher leaders across the city


TL Commitments:

  • Identify a year-long goal in conjunction with your school principal
  • Build an Impact Team of at least 4 other faculty members
  • Meet with their Impact Team twice a month over the course of a year
  • Engage in 30-min virtual coaching sessions 2X per month with their TST Coach 
  • Collect data 2X per year to determine effectiveness of Impact Team
  • Attend TST Fall Training on August 17th from 5:30-8:30pm (in-person)
  • Attend all Cohort Roundtables (1.5 hrs. 1X weeknight per month, alternating virtual and in-person)
  • Work to build culture of trust, empowerment, commitment, and collective responsibility amongst staff leading to teacher retention


Principal Commitments:

  • Attend a 90-minute virtual principal training in July (multiple session dates will be available)
  • Work with Teacher Liaison (TL) to identify a year-long goal
  • Give Impact Team time and space to meet 2X per month 
  • Allow TL to leave school early to attend Fall Training on 8/17 from 5:30-8:30pm (in-person)
  • Meet with TL at least 5X per year to maintain alignment between Impact Team and school-wide goals
  • Allow TST to visit and observe Impact Team 2X per year
  • Pay the programming costs (For most schools, this is the $2K amount for your TL’s stipend) 
    • Please do not let programming costs prevent you from applying, we are committed to making this program financially feasible for all schools. See here for more details.

The Timeline


Teacher & Administrator work together to develop an initial vision for the Impact Team, including focus area and intended outcomes

May 27th

Teacher Leader & Administrator submit collaborative application which includes school background, team vision and commitment review. 


With the support of TST, the Teacher Leader and Administrator will complete virtual onboarding and finalize team’s vision and goals. 

Fall Training- 8/17/22

Teacher Leader will attend the In-Person TST Fall Training from 5:30-8:30PM during which they will meet their cohort and their TST Coach