The Mission: Mobilize and support teacher leaders to have a lasting impact in their schools.

The Problem:

Teachers leave urban schools due to a lack of meaningful leadership opportunities

50% of teachers nationwide leave within the first five years, negatively affecting student outcomes. Teachers are 50% more likely to leave urban environments predominantly serving students of color. Teacher attrition costs $7 billion annually.

The Need:

Teachers are seeking the opportunity to lead and grow while staying in the classroom.

Teachers with under 10 years of experience now make up 45% of the overall teaching force. Less than 40% were encouraged to remain teaching at their school. A staggering 92% of teachers wish there were more opportunities to further their careers and professional skills while staying in the classroom.

The Theory of Change:

In order to retain teachers, we identify and build their capacity to have a lasting impact in their schools.

In Chicago, schools saw an increase in anywhere from 3-5% in teacher retention rates when teachers reported feeling collectively responsible, trusted by their colleagues and had both influence and leadership opportunities in their schools. We work to create these opportunities for the best teachers, leading to increased retention of excellent teachers.

The Vision:

We envision a country where all children, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status are provided an excellent education. We believe that teachers possess the answers to challenges their schools face and hold the keys to creating a school-wide culture of learning. We foresee a future in which the best people are empowered to remain in the classroom.